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Sydney Indesign 2015: A barometer of changing trends

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Sydney Indesign 2015: A barometer of changing trends

PUBLISHED: 25 August 2015

25 Years of designing exhibition stands for trade shows has taught me that design trends change, and they change quickly. In fact they change as quickly as fashion changes in David Jones and interiors change in the showrooms. Visiting those showrooms at Sydney Indesign 2015 hammered this home to me again.

There is clearly a growing trend against imitation furniture. The Hills Street Precinct welcomed us with a large bonfire of imitation furniture, undoubtedly sourced from the main culprit (we won’t mention names, Matt) handsomely offset against the showrooms displaying the real McCoy. Personally I was impressed by the Beso Light by award-winning Western Australian designer Adam Cruickshank, on display at Workshopped. Arthur G, Euroluce and Luxmy Furniture were no less impressive.

A very handy bus service (inclusive of a very friendly driver) took us through the back streets of Surry Hills to Staple & Co. Now I have known the showroom as Project 82 over the years and was a little surprised to see the transformation. Glad to have caught up with Shelley who confirmed that ownership has not changed but the Staple & Co furniture allows us to meet Louis, Harry, Norman and Frank. No further explanation needed!

We were keen to see the new showroom of Living Edge. Another handy bus and a short walk later we arrived in The Woolstores in Alexandria, Shed 74 to be precise. Well, what a difference from their former showroom in Surry Hills! Herman Miller got the true airing it deserves as well as Knoll and many other brands who finally have the space to truly impress their audience. It shows once again that investment in a real piece of furniture is like investing in a work of art. It will live on long after we are gone. Something to hand on to your kids and grandchildren perhaps?

Galleria at Technology Park offered designers without a showroom a forum to show their wares. Interesting concept. I caught up with Dennis who has designed exhibition stands for me. Dennis also designs his own range of furniture and was able to be part of the growing band of Sydney designers to showcase his unique vision when it comes to lighting and furniture.

Designers are truly acknowledged at the galleria and all the showrooms we visited, including their vision for the future. Interesting to see how some materials and looks of the 50s and 60s are coming back again, all translated in 2015 relevance of course! All these designers are setters of today’s trends. But so are the fashion designers at David Jones and our exhibition designer!