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Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Augmented and Virtual Reality

PUBLISHED: 27 April 2016

Augmented and virtual reality is popping up everywhere, in entertainment, real-estate, gaming and tourism to name a few industries where this new technique is adopted. There is huge potential for other industries, including B2B to embrace new technology too in several ways, yet it has not widely penetrated yet into the Australian market – but this is about to change.

To give a crash-course on the techniques out there: with Augmented Reality it is possible to add a layer of content to the real world when customers look at a product or flyer with their phone or tablet. With Virtual Reality special goggles like the Oculus Rift or just simple viewers made out of cardboard, lenses and a rubber band or tape (commonly known as ‘google cardboard’) the viewer enters a new world that looks as if it was real. Virtual Reality can work well for a brand activation or campaigns where the viewer sits down and take the time to explore the virtual world, while Augmented Reality is usually better suited for retail as the experience is less intrusive and can be used on the go.

Interestingly enough, it looks like that virtual & augmented reality also brings print & digital together: to get the augmented reality experience you’ll need to point the camera of your device at a printed marker to overlay digital content on the real world.

Traditional printed advertisements get a modern edge with this new technology and augmented reality will continue to need print for the future – it is the basis of the technique in the first place. For google cardboard the more premium experiences are printed on the viewer, again roping print into the digital experience.

All this new technology is not just there to follow a trend; it is meant to engage the audience and love the brand on the one hand, and to track & analyse customer behaviour on the other hand, killing two birds with one stone. And as a bonus, while the technology is tested but still new, there is still the novelty around it attracting more attention. Contact us if you’re interested to learn more. hello@designteam.com.au