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A million words, instantly

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A million words, instantly

PUBLISHED: 10 August 2015

The old saying is that a picture says more than a thousand words. Now what if that picture comes to life as a story happening before your very eyes, how many words is that worth?

The pioneers on Augmented and Virtual reality have searched all corners of the digital universe to make that dream become possible. Back in the nineties virtual reality was attempted, but the quality of the hardware, speed of the processors and possibilities with digital animation were not evolved enough to make it look ‘real’. Now with advanced graphics, 360 degree cameras, super-fast processors and specialised companies in goggles, virtual reality is ‘real’ and applied to games, product displays, entertainment to just name a few.

Augmented reality is somewhat more hard to grasp, but less immersive than virtual reality. The difference being that with virtual reality you immerse yourself in another world with special goggles and a headset on, whereas augmented reality brings parts of reality to life via the screen of a tablet or smartphone while the surroundings of the augmented object stay the same. The device you’re holding is then some kind of magic glass, transforming the real world with digital add-ons that enhance the story you want to tell.

Any type of story can be told. The imagery seen on screen via augmented reality or virtual reality can have any source, so the scene to display can be made by digital animation or just real people and scenes filmed on a green screen, cut-out nicely to fit the object at hand.

You’re not stuck to the story a developer or marketeer or director fantasizes. Both AR and VR have options to add a button or continue the story in a way that you like by utilizing buttons or just looking in a certain direction. Of course, links to the Facebook page, a landing page, an email sign-up form or other classical marketing follow-up is possible too.

The real beauty for augmented and virtual reality though is that you can tell the story without it being final. A picture tells more than a thousand words, but once you’ve seen it, you move on. However awesome your image is, that’s just one impression for your brand. With augmented and virtual reality, you’re able to build a true story that continues, each next episode leading to the next.

It is not just the geekiness of the products coming to life or the funny goggles on your head; it is the opportunity to extend the brand messaging to last for longer, thereby giving a more solid impression, and on top of that letting the viewer choose it’s own pace how it consumes it by controlling the device.

For that is what augmented and virtual reality is: advanced storytelling. If a picture says more than a thousand words, then how many words can an experience parallel? The answer is simple: millions of words, if the story is told well.

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